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We extend a warm welcome to all to mylovingkids. When there is a kid in the house, it just grabs all of our attention fast. is an online shopping store only for babies, kids, and moms connected products. The e-shop is offering the customers the best deals on the babies, kids, and moms related stuff by assembling a large collection of products at affordable prices, and delivering the products at the customers’ convenience.


Our management team is in control of the day-to-day running of the business and execution of our strategy, making sure our business is purpose-led and future-fit. The team is consist of M. Alam, BBA (DU), MBA (DU), MPSM (BRACU) Chief Executive Officer; A.G.M. Alamgir, BA ( Honors), MA from CU Director - Operation (Former Senior Program Officer, THP, USA); Mahfuj Alam, BBA from DU, MBA from DU, (a former consultant of the World Bank)Director - Finance & Administration and some technical experts. Our honorary advisor is a Former Secretary, the Government of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh.


We trace and record changing trend, life-style, and demands of the children through our global market research team. Then, the team uses these insights plus the best knowledge and thinking from specialists to choose brands and products. After making decisions, we source the products from China, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, India, South Korea, Australia, and the USA. And also we source locally in Bangladesh, and warehouse a bulk some of products for customers who prefer to buy small quantities at a time. The main purposes of warehousing are: risk bearing, grading, packing, regular supply for our customers Then, we offer a comprehensive line of products for the kids. We sell products B2B, B2C and we may act as a middleman by bringing businesses and (B2B or B2C) customers to our website. In this case, we use our exclusive sourcing, logistics, and supply-chain forte and employ our resources and relationship to deliver high-quality and 100% genuine products.


Although our office is located in Dhaka, we sell all Divisions and Districts in Bangladesh through our online store.

Corporate office at Shyamoli:  At our corporate office, we carry out administrative, managerial, and decisionmaking tasks, including formulation of business policies and ensuring compliance with those policies. We assess current and future financial capacity and ensure internal control by setting and following up on targets. We support the operational employees by providing information technology (IT) services, addressing human resource concerns, and processing payroll. And also, the corporate office houses employees who support the business at a higher level, such as through financial reporting or by creating reports. At this office, our honorable Chairman guides us to make decisions as well as guides us to understand our business aspirations. From this office, we try to adopt and ensure implementation of best practices in all our operations to maintain supplying the best products among our customers.

Mirpur Distribution Centre: has set up and successfully inaugurated approximately a4000-Square-feet fully-fledged distribution center cum warehouse in Mirpur area.


First, each client that places a purchase order on is 100% secured and protected by a strong customer protection policy. All payments and or transactions are safe, secure and easy.

Second, our products are 100% genuine and original and we offer a highly competitive price.

Third, we believe in honesty, loyalty, and dedication because these three are the pillars of our success. We deliver on our promises.

Fourth, our service philosophy is proactive and we are always there for our customers so that the customers can count on us.

Fifth, we listen to our customers’ feedback and make changes as per the customers’ needs. Moreover, we have developed a successful brand strategy based on customers’ insight and preference. Our portfolio of a large number of international brands is designed to meet a broad array of customers’ preferences around the country.

Last but not least we constantly work towards embedding best practices and creating a win-win scenario that can boost the overall profitability and viability for all parties involved. And also for our customers and potential customers we are open 24/7. Whether that comes in the form of face-to-face meeting, locating information on our e-shop, business engagement and interaction on and with our social media channels or leaving a review on our site, is always “open.”